Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My kids make me smile!

As a part of our family "bedtime" routine, we allow each of the kids to say their prayer, they give everyone in the family hugs and kisses and we tuck the kids into bed....
We do this every night. My oldest daughter needs a routine, and this one works. Kaitlyn likes to do things in order, by a pattern or have a way of "tracking" things. She does this with everything. So with hugs and kisses each night, she starts with the youngest and goes to the oldest. 
When we hung our stockings for Christmas this year she insisted they be hung from youngest to oldest.
As you saw earlier, we bought a stocking for our son even though we know he will not be home until next year.

A few days ago, she gave the youngest a hug, then turns around and silently through some hugs and kisses into the air. She turned around and resumed her normal order. I didn't think much of it at the time.
Later, she told me she throws hugs out to her brother because even though he is not here, he needs to know he is loved!

Tonight Brittany (5) went to give everyone kisses..... After Alyssa, she stopped and looked at me. She then asked in her sweetest voice "If I send some hugs up to God, do you think he will make sure my brother gets them?" With tears in my eyes, I could only reply "yes."

My kids love their brother already. They ask about him each day. They send him love. They buy him toys and they donate all the money they get to him.

My girls are working hard to bring their brother home. They have asked to "make something" to help their brother..... Stay tuned for some homemade jewelry for brother.....

I am the luckiest mom in the world!!

As far as updates go..... We found out that our son's Special Need will most likely not be appearing on their "list" of adoptable children any time soon. That being said, We will still be able to adopt him. We just have to wait until he is 5 which is less than a year away..... We will be starting all of our paperwork in the beginning of the year.... This process takes from 7-9 months.
Thank You for all that have donated, helped and shared!!!
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