There has been a lot of controversy over fundraising lately. I have the money I need to raise my children. I even have enough money to raise a few more. I just do not have $25,000 in savings to bring my son home. Will you help me out? This Christmas is breaking my heart because my son does not know Christ, he does not know family, he does not know giving or receiving. I want him to know these things next year. I want him to experience this season of giving with his family. I want to share with him the story of how all of you gave in order to bring him home forever.... I write down the names of everyone who helps!!!! I will never forget you!! Thank You!!!

We have lots of awesome things going on in the way of fundraisers with more coming...... We are 100% dedicated to working hard to bring our boy home..... With that being said we appreciate all of the amazing people who have stepped forward to help us out either through donations of money, time or items to sale :)

First off we have a matching grant on the table..... yep that is right..... through the end of the year you can double your donation and win some awesome prices including an Ipad2 (

Second we  have some amazing items up for sale...... the info and links are all on this post ( A great place to buy some awesome Christmas presents while supporting our adoption! We have hair bows, handbags, necklaces, bracelets and more :) 100% of the profits goes straight to our adoption.... Actually 200% does... remember it is being doubled!!

T shirts are now available!! Come by and check them out :)

If at any time you would like to donate items to sale, auction off or for a giveaway please contact me (

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