Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Double YOUR Donation!!

My dear sweet friends..... I have some AMAZING news to share!!! Yes AMAZING!!!!
I know that the general rule is to have a big "giveaway" for your final push, but I've always been know for my love of doing things just a little backwards :) This time I have good reason actually 5,000 good reasons!

A family business owner has offered me something truly AMAZING (yes that is my new favorite word)....
A $5000.00 donation IF (yes big IF, but I have AMAZING friends and an AMAZING God) we can raise $5000.00 by the end of the year.... We can do it friends!! 

If doubling your money isn't incentive enough let me dangle a few more things in front of you......

$10 gets you 1 Chance
$25 gets you 5 Chances
$50 gets you 15 Chances
$100 gets you 50 Chances

An IPad2
 We will be giving out an IPad2 if we reach our goal of $5000.00 otherwise it will be a $100 gift card of your choice for each $1000.00 raised ($1000.00 raised = $100 gift card $2000.00 raise = $200 gift card...) for the winner :)

This very cute plaque. I made this myself :)

Another awesome home decor plaque :)
 A $5 gift certificate to Socks R Fun... Feel free to visit her site and look around 
http://www.socksrfun.com/ Thank You Jennifer for this donation :)
10 different people will win a hair bow of their choice available at http://hairbowsbyjax.blogspot.com/
You may also visit there and place an order.... that money will also count toward our $5000.00 goal.
 A cute tutu for your daughter, grand daughter, neighbor or friend :) Just in time for Christmas.

Each Day I will choose 2 people to get a bracelet......

Plus more prizes will be added soon.... necklaces, a cute book of remembrance plus more :)

Please help us bring our son home!!


  1. This is fabulous! I will donate when I get to a computer and have my credit card in my hand (at therapy now). I am so glad things are moving along.

  2. $10.00 isn't alot but I hope it helps all the same. Good luck bringing your son home. I will be praying for you to reach your $5000 goal by the end of the year! Love you guys!

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  4. AMAZING is my fav word to because that's what you are!! Hugs and hope this goes well!