Monday, November 21, 2011

The first clothes for our boy

We were at a school function the other day (I was volunteering), and the school was offering some clothes to the parents...... Since I was there early (the benefit of being at the school volunteering every school day), we got first dibs on some clothes..... I took this opportunity to pick up some clothes for our boy.
It may be a year before he is home, but you can never be too prepared....... We got a few different sizes :)
 Some of our favorites.... BYU Cougar pants.... My hubby LOVES BYU!
 A super cute Spider Man swim suit!
 And a nice reversible jacket :)
 I took this opportunity to get his dresser ready :)

I know it sounds silly, but having clothes in his dresser makes me smile..... 
They are all washed and ready to go.... Now All we need is a little boy to put in them.. Not any little boy.... MY son!!!!
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  1. It makes me wish he was there with you even more!! He will be spoiled rotten when he gets home! But it will make up for all the spoiling he didn't get his first 4 years!!! ♥♥

  2. So much fun to have clothes for your little guy :) Having their clothes in their room makes everything just seem so much more "real"