Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Necklaces of Love!

A super Amazing Friend of mine offered to make some necklaces for me to sale to raise money for Logan.
I had no idea just how gorgeous they would be!!
These beautiful necklaces are $10 a piece and that includes shipping anywhere in the U.S.
These make a great Christmas present for any age :)
There are 2 pictures of each necklace... one of the whole thing and a close up of the charms.
All of the charms also have a cute little design on the back :)














All money made from purchases also goes toward our $5000.00 matching grant, but will not earn you any entries into the drawing. Please also check out our giveaway here (
Thank You for getting us one step closer to our son!!


  1. Hey, I wanna get #15. :) They are gorgeous! Will donate to the chip-in later. I also still have the money from the craft sale to donate too. Do you want me to send a check for that so Paypal won't take it out? Glad I saved that till now so it can get doubled! :)

  2. I will take #13 and #14. These are cute! Great Christmas present and it is a win-win situation. Thanks!