Monday, November 28, 2011

From the Heart of his Auntie

This guest post is being posted anonymously, because if I say who I am, it will be obvious who Jaclyn's newest baby is! So until they can announce who he is, I will remain his anonymous auntie! :)

Several years ago, I began a journey which will last me a lifetime. A journey of heartbreak and hope, of sadness and joy, but most important - love. And intertwined in that journey is the amazing story of one very special little boy.

It all started with a dream. A dream of something great which combined several things I love. That dream led to more dreaming and lots of planning. Which led to an amazing day and contact with new friends. Friends who asked a question that when answered yes brought me to the other side of the world where it really all started.

Through a series of events that no man could have orchestrated, God placed me in a third world country with poverty and  and hopelessness like I had never seen before. It opened up my eyes to a whole new world. One morning while visiting the baby orphanage I met the love of my life. I didn't know it then, but he was to change my life forever.

Though it sounds romantic, this was no cute teenage boy I fell in love with. Nope, far from it! He was just a a baby, almost 3 years old. And thanks to the ridiculous clothes he was wearing, I thought he was a she and didn't find out until afterwards the I was wrong!

That sweet little boy took my hand and led the way. I followed because he had already captured my heart and I'm pretty sure he had mesmerized me by that point! :) I led him over to some play equipment and didn't have kids swarming all over it. I could tell he needed some one on one attention and I was happy to give it! We played on the slide for quite awhile, both of us loving every second.

Unfortunately, he had me too far under his spell to think to take more than 4 pictures! My memory is clouded now, but I do remember that he wasn't happy to leave me when he had to go nor was I happy to leave him! I knew he needed (and still needs!!) his mommy to come get him ASAP! He was broken and aching from being alone, and yes, despite the fact he was two, I could tell his heart was ripped apart. I could hardly bear to see him go back to the life we both hated.

I lost it on the way out of the orphanage and was in almost a trance the rest of the day. I'm fairly certain I horrible dreams about him and the others that night. Either way, I slept horribly. He needed someone, and since there was no one else, he needed me! And I had sent him back to his grouppa, alone.

Despite my hopes, we didn't get to go back to the orphanage on during the rest of the trip. Weeks passed and one day I stumbled upon a blog of a missionary who was over in my baby's city!! She took lots of pictures and was able to get him listed on an orphan awareness site as available for adoption.

Because my heart was opened up the the plight the orphan, I had started a blog advocating for other orphans and families bringing them home. I advocated for that sweet boy a lot on there and one evening I got a comment from the beautiful Jaclyn, author of this blog. You've probably already guessed what the comment said! She told me that they were pursuing the adoption of  a certain little boy featured on my blog! Through daily emails, skype calls, and blog posts, Jaclyn is now a very close friend and I can't wait until I get to meet her in person!

As I sat here tonight writing this my heart was broken yet again for "my" sweet boy. I hope and pray that this post will touch at least one person's heart to donate and help him come home sooner! If it does, all the tears it took to write this post will be worth it.

Love is not what makes the world go round, it's the pursuit of dreams that does. But the thing that makes it possible to pursue those dreams is love.

I dream of the day he will come home, but I know it's gonna take a whole lot of loving to get there. And though we love him to the moon and back, Jaclyn and I can't do it ourselves. Your cue to donate to his adoption! :)

Every dollar will help because all he really wants for Christmas is a family!

Thank you!


  1. Such a beautiful story...can't wait to see the day when that sweet boy is with his future family.

  2. Made me cry.... again! :) Sending hugs your way Jaclyn!