Sunday, August 19, 2012

Getting closer and good news :)

We are getting so close to making our first goal :)

We have raised $360.00 so far in just a week..... We only need $340.00 more to get the process going.
This takes me out of my comfort zone to start this process without a big chunk of the money already saved, but this is God's plan not mine.

I heard some amazing news today about our boy.... He may be getting some medical treatment, but he is still so tiny. Less than 17 pounds at 5 years old is unacceptable!! 

We need your help!! Can you please drop $10 in the bucket?? 
We only need 34 people willing to donate $10 each and we can start this process off....

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Adoption is on the move!

Hey friends, as you all know we have been trying to adopt for a long time now. We got a little discouraged when we lost our sweet boy last year, but God has shown us that he has other plan for our family.
We are moving forward to  hopefully adopt a sweet little boy who is 5 years old who weighs less than 17 pounds. He has hydrocephalus. We have a great doctor nearby who is willing to help us get him back on track. I saw this picture on my friends blog and fell in love.

This may be the only time you see his picture because once we are matched we will not be able to post any new pictures or updates. 

We cannot do this alone.... We need your help!!
Right now we are working towards the initial $700 for our application.


P.S. We have a family member that has offered up a $5000.00 matching grant for our adoption. $5000.00 is HUGE!!! He wants to see that we have other support as well which is why he is doing it as a matching grant as opposed to a straight donation. All donations starting now will be doubled!!! We are thinking that if we make the $5000.00 in donations we will be able to earn the rest of the money on our own. I am willing to make hair bows or bracelets for your donation if interested!! Thanks a ton!!!