Friday, September 30, 2011

Guess What?!?

Guess What friends?!?

We did it!! 
Thank You to the most amazing person ever......
We made our goal for yesterday... We are $100.00 closer to our sweet boy!!

The goal for today.... $100.00....
We can do this..... Please share and ask family and friends.
Many hands make light work....
Will you be the hands that help to bring our son home?!?

If you ear unable to donate please pray and/or share!
Thank You for being a part of our Journey to our son!!

Donations can be made to the chip in on the top right.... no donation is too small

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The "How" behind our adoption.

I am one of those people.... 
How could I ever do this?!? It is soooo expensive.
I know how!!
All of you!!
Through God! (who lives in each of you)
Our big goal is BIG!! Much to big to think about today!! ($25,000)
Our Commitment goal is BIG too!!! Too big to think about for today! 
($3,000.00 possibly as soon as October 11th)
Today our goal is achievable.... God can do this!! I KNOW he can!!!
I know WE can!!!
We can do this friends... Please share our story.

For our long term goals.... Please think about this....
Would you like to be a warrior for our son?!? 
Will you be a major part of bringing him home?
That is what it takes to be a warrior!!
You don't have to do it alone.... neighbors, church members, friends, family.
It can be you alone, a small group or a large group.
Many hands make light work.... please be one of my hands!!
If you have any questions please email me @
If you become a warrior I might just let you get a glimpse of our boy ;)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The "who" behind our adoption

Sorry friends, This does not mean that I can tell you who we are adopting, but we did get a chance to tell some very special ladies who their baby brother was going to be (Well big brother to Alyssa :).

We had held off on telling the girls about our sweet boy. Not because we thought they wouldn't like him or anything like that. We just wanted to be sure that he was really our son..... I know we are not officially committed yet (not by our choice trust us), but we KNOW he is our son.

I took some super awesome videos of the girls reactions, but of course there is a problem and I can't get the disk to finalize :( Figures!!

I hope I can do this story justice.... these girls melted my heart.

We gathered together as a family (a mom, dad and 3 sisters) to have a "talk". We asked the girls if they remembered mommy and daddy talking about adoption.... They did.

We then opened the computer and started playing a video we have of our son...... The girls began asking questions right away.... 
Who is that little boy?
Where is his momma?
Who are all the other kids in the background?
Then they made some statements...
He is so cute.
Look at all his hair.
Plus a few other cute things.

I began by answering their questions.
That's L****.
He is a little boy that lives in an orphanage because he doesn't have a mommy.
I want to be his mommy is that ok?
You mean that is going to be our brother?!?!?

What happened next made this mom want to cry.... My 6 year old Kaitlyn looked at me and said mom, I have about $100.00 in my piggy bank (she has been saving for about a year to go to Disneyland). I will give it all to you so you can go get our brother. Brittany (5) also agreed that she would give "some" of her money to bring her brother home. This is a funny trade because Kaitlyn is normally my "greedy" child and Brittany is my giving one ;)

Then the immediate ran into the toy room and began packing.... They are kids so we know what they found to be the biggest priority.... TOYS!! They found dinosaurs, cars, fake food and anything else they thought L**** would like. 

Alyssa (age 2) ran over to the shoe closet and grabbed her shoes. She handed them to Kevin (dad) and asked him to put them on. We asked WHY? She responded... I go get L****. It was seriously the sweetest thing ever!!! We had to fight to get those shoes off of her. She kept saying "go get brother mommy". I tried to explain that this is a process and it takes time, but with young kids..... they want him home NOW!!!

To be honest, so do I!!

Our sweet boy may live across the ocean, but he is sure at home here in our hearts. The girls have asked about him many times today. They even said they would start asking their friends for money if it would help bring their brother home sooner. I am blessed with the 3 4 sweetest kids EVER!!!!

I cannot wait until I can share my sweet boy with all of you.

In the meantime feel free to pray, share our story or drop a dime in our hat.... Every dime donated is one step closer to our boy.... We need $3,000.00 to commit to him and an agent (all within 2 weeks if things go our way). Basically, we need a miracle, but we know God is never too far away! He lives in all of you!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

The "why" behind our adoption

I get asked this question almost every time I mention to someone that we are adopting.... It might be asked in a different format, but they are all basically asking the same thing.


Well, let me start in the beginning. I was first "exposed" to adoption by my Cousin (by marriage- Uncle once adopted and my God son because I was like his mom) when I was only 12 years old. We watched as this poor child (and his 4 year old sister- not related to us though) got taken from their parents and placed in the foster care system. These kids were not treated well at all. They were treated like property... Almost sold to the "highest bidder" and this was here in the United States. 

After a LONG battle, my Grandma and Grandpa were finally given custody of our sweet boy. He finally got the love he deserved. 

Then I was show the love of adoption by several other members of my family... Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. They all knew that God had a "unique" way for them to "grow" their families. They were faithful and chose God's path. 

Most of these adoptions were through the foster care system.

When I was 18 years old (actually 17) just about to be married, I went to the doctor for a "check up".
I was called just 2 days after returning from my honeymoon (almost 2 months after my exam), and I was told that I had "pre cancer" in my cervix. I had to have some horrible treatment called cryotherapy. They basically freeze your cervix and hope it kills all the bad cells. At this time, I was told that I would NEVER have children of my own. I was devastated. I wanted nothing more than to be a mom! 

This is when my husband and I had our first discussion about adoption. We were determined that we would have children, and if that meant adopting, then so be it. At 18 and 19 we had it all planned out. We would wait a few years, get financially stable, buy a house, then adopt. We would adopt someday!! We just knew it!!

Imagine our surprise when we were sitting at his parents kitchen table one Sunday evening playing games, and his mom was teasing that she was ready for grandkids. She was directing the comment to Kevin's older brother who had been married 1.5 years longer than us (we had been married 3 years at the time). I started thinking to myself. When was the last time I had had a "cycle" more than 2 months.... Uh oh... Big oversight!! I was never expecting to be pregnant, so it wasn't something that I was actively thinking about......

Well 3 kids, 1 miscarriage and 6 years later, here were are. 2 years ago when my 3rd daughter was born, I was told yet again that I could never have children. This time was because my Uterus was literally torn to shreds. It took 2 doctors over 30 mins to sew it back together. M doctor assured me that I would not be able to have more children. I could try, but the outcome would most likely be 2 deaths.... Mine and my unborn child's.... NOT a risk I was willing to take.

I had 3 amazing daughters that kept me busy enough. I could be happy in life with only 3 kids. Although I wanted at least 4. When Alyssa was just a few months old, a familiar thought popped back into my mind.
It was out of no where, but the thought was strong.....


Now? Really? She is still so young. We are not ready.
I pushed the thought aside.... I could not handle anything else right now.... 
When Alyssa was only 1 year old, the thought came into my mind again. I ignored it!
This cannot be what the Lord has in store for me... I already have my hands full with 2 children with "special needs" and a daughter with a blood disorder. They already require too much attention. I can't do this!! Not now!!

Well, about 6-7 months ago, I was laying in bed saying my prayers (my faith had grown a lot during the previous year due to some hard times we had gone through). It was at this time that I received a "prompting" stronger than anything I have ever felt before! 


I knew adoption was in our future. I also knew that we were supposed to adopt a son. Beyond that, I knew nothing! I prayed and prayed and prayed to know what was right. We decided to apply to become foster parents..... We did everything except the home study before we realized that this was not the right path. I began to doubt.... Maybe I was not meant to adopt afterall. Could I have imagined the whole thing?!?!

Then I met some amazing friends via blogger. I do not know how I got "connected" with the first family trying to bring their child home, but before I knew it, I was following 10-20 adoption stories. All international and most through RR.

I fell in love with 2 amazing "bloggy friends" (You know who you 2 are) who were bringing their children home from Eastern Europe. I fell in love with their children too. I am now longing for these 2 amazing mothers to meet their children. Then my longing changed (I still longed for them to meet their children) I was longing to meet my own child. I knew he was out there, but I didn't know where.

I began scavenging the RR website. I just knew that I would find my child on there. I had to. Why else would I be led to all of these families adopting though RR?

One day, I was typing back and forth when one of these amazing "blog friends". I told her that I knew that I would be adopting from her "region" and that I needed her help finding my son. She began telling me names of children in her region who were available for adoption. I loved them all, but none of them were my children.
I was discouraged. I visited a few blogs that also had pictures of "orphans" looking for families.
That is when I saw him.... I fell in love in an instant. Actually I think I was already in love... I just didn't know it until that very moment. This kind of love cannot happen in an instant. It is the kind of love that was formed in heaven long before I was given the test to "find him". 

I sat there and I stared at his photo and I cried!! Not just for a second but for hours!!!
I KNEW!!!! This was MY SON!!!!!

I immediately told my friend and asked her how she knew. She told me that what I was feeling is what she went through. Maybe I wasn't crazy afterall (well that or we both are which is also possible :)
I called my husband, and I told him that I had found our son. He asked me 2 or 3 questions..... Wanna guess what he said next?!?!?
When do we start raising the money to bring him home?!?
He knew too!!!!
Amazing!!! Only God could do this!!!!

Then the fear set in.... What would people say? How are we going to raise the money we need? Who is going to support us? What things will people do to make us feel like this is the wrong choice? What will Satan do to try to stop us?

Then the peace came.... GOD is on our side! We will win!!!

Then the mom in me set in... I need to get to him NOW!!!!!
That is when I discovered that he had been removed from RR.
His Country had recently changed the laws. He is not going to be "adoptable" for another year.
I was discouraged at first, but then the mom in me took over again. He will NOT wait a second longer than he has to.
Now, I have a new set of problems. I have to try to raise the money needed without being able to show my son's face :(
How can people fall in love with him and want to help him if they do not know him?
I will find a way... God is on my side... I will have all of my paperwork in place and ready to go on the DAY he is ready to be adopted. That Dossier package will be on it's way ASAP!!!

Join me friends in praying.... They are re-evaluating this law that is preventing him from coming home sooner on October 11th. Please pray that they will allow me to bring my son home. I need him home.

Also please pray that we will be able to quickly raise the first $5,000.00 needed to get all of our "paperwork" ready..... Some things I can do now.... passports, birth certificates, marriage license... All of those things that still require money.

Please also read
Well worth every sacrifice! 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A goal or goals for the day

A goal or goals for the day

I made a goal early this morning... a goal to do something different today.

My first goal was to clean my entire house... top to bottom, scrubbing toilets, tubs, sinks, floors, cleaning toys, making beds, vacuuming, doing dishes, doing laundry and everything else in between.

I gave myself 2 days... today and tomorrow.

I was told this is impossible!!


If this is impossible, then my next goal must seem absurd. 

My 2nd goal of the day is to raise $1000.00 for my friend Amanda's adoption.... With the 10 whole followers I have here it does seem absurd. Add to that my 1919 FB friends and friends of these 10 and friends of those 1919.... It starts to seem a little easier doesn't it?!?!

The first goal... I must accomplish on my own.... I am already exhausted, but I have not stopped other than to be a mom.... make breakfast and lunch.... Take my 1st grader to school, take my kindergartener to school, volunteer in my 1st graders classroom, do homework, take my 2 year old potty (10 or more times) and give a little TLC..... 

The reason I made these 2 goals is simple.... To show people that the hands of many can make anything possible while the hands of one the work load seems unbearable. 

Do you wanna know the sad part?!?! I am going to win this little experiment.... my house will be completely clean and I will be miserable about it :( 

You see.... I said that I would personally donate between $50 to $100 dollars if you (MY amazing friends) could raise $1000.00 before I could get my house clean.... With 1919 FB friends do you know how much that is per person?!?! 52 cents... yes folks only 52 measly cents.... You can find that in your purse, couch or car.... I know times are hard for everyone right now....

If you can't donate then please share!!!

I have many entries into her drawing for an IPAD 2....

I will give you one of my entries if you share this on your blog... another if you share it on FB..... another if you donate..... Please help me achieve something that I was told is impossible..... 


Please donate via her orange chip in button on the top right of her blog....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So, my sweet bloggy friends... I have a question for you..... 
How do you get so many followers?
I could really use some help and support in this journey.... How do I go about finding that?
I am counting on people to open their hearts to a child they have never met. During the first part of the journey they will not even be able to see a photo of him.... How do I do this? 
I know that GOD will provide a way, but I also know it will be through the hearts of others!

Also, I have been asked a LOT of questions about how I knew this was the right thing to do and how we "chose" our son.... That will be coming in my new post!! Stay tuned!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Available for sale now

These hair bows are available now for only $5 each. (Shipping may be extra if outside the United States)
Profits will help to bring 2 orphans home. If you would like to order multiple flowers, or if you need a custom order, please contact me via email

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Raising Funds....

The time has arrived!! Time to start the first official "Mitchell Adoption" Fundraiser.
I am also helping a friend bring her son home.... It's a 2 for 1 deal. Well 3 for 1 really.
For the price of $5 per hair bow (or 2 for $5 on the tiny ones) and $20 for a tutu you can help bring 2 orphans home and get a beautiful accessory, gift or whatever you decide to use it for....
Wanna just donate outright?!? That works too!
All you have to do for purchases and donations is visit that blue (yes for our boy) chipin on the top right and click on it.
Comment below or email me ( with your order. If you are ordering more than 2 items, contact me and we can work out a discount based on how many items you are ordering.
You can also donate to my friend Amanda here...

Here are a few of the items I have created. I can make any color that I can find ribbon in (or tulle for the tutu). 

 I can usually find ribbon to match with almost any outfit... This is one I made for my oldest daughter.

 One for my middle child :)

Please order some cute hair bows and tutus.... Our sons are waiting to come home!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I just made my very first tutu. I think I will sale these and hair bows to raise money for our adoption.
So, what do you think a fair price is?
 Don't you love my "model"? All of my live ones were sleeping ;)

Monday, September 12, 2011

The official beginning... care to join us?!?

This is where our journey officially begins. Would you like to be a part of our journey??
We would love the help!! Share, Donate, follow along.... any way you would like to participate, we would love to have you.... I can't wait until I can finally share a picture with you :)

Please note: These donations are not tax deductible :(

Today it truly begins

I have been set on adopting for a long time. I considered every aspect..... Money, travel, age, "disability".... everything I could think of....

You know what happened?!?! The Devil saw an opportunity... An opportunity to try to convince me that adoption wasn't the road for me. He planted many barriers in my path, but do you wanna know what happened then?!?!

God planted special people in my life that taught me that I was not alone. God can over come all of the hurdles that are placed before us. We need to jump, but if we come up short, he will lift us up.
In the end it is always "Glory to God"
This is not my journey... It is his.

Today I saw a face, and I felt in my heart that that child was meant to be mine.
There are some circumstances that make this child unavailable for adoption for a while. 
I could let this get me down, but I'll take it as a sign.... I'll start preparing now... I will be ready when the time comes.... I WILL bring my child home!!!

I'm coming.... Just hold on and I'll be there as soon as I can!!!

The feelings I have are so amazing.... I can hardly stop the tears!!!

I will have a chip-in up tomorrow.... Raising the ransom can take forever!! I'll start now.... might as well get that ball rolling...

Will you be the first name I write down to tell my future child.... This person loved you enough to give you a family?!?

Love, Faith and Joy.... The feelings of the day!!!