Monday, September 12, 2011

Today it truly begins

I have been set on adopting for a long time. I considered every aspect..... Money, travel, age, "disability".... everything I could think of....

You know what happened?!?! The Devil saw an opportunity... An opportunity to try to convince me that adoption wasn't the road for me. He planted many barriers in my path, but do you wanna know what happened then?!?!

God planted special people in my life that taught me that I was not alone. God can over come all of the hurdles that are placed before us. We need to jump, but if we come up short, he will lift us up.
In the end it is always "Glory to God"
This is not my journey... It is his.

Today I saw a face, and I felt in my heart that that child was meant to be mine.
There are some circumstances that make this child unavailable for adoption for a while. 
I could let this get me down, but I'll take it as a sign.... I'll start preparing now... I will be ready when the time comes.... I WILL bring my child home!!!

I'm coming.... Just hold on and I'll be there as soon as I can!!!

The feelings I have are so amazing.... I can hardly stop the tears!!!

I will have a chip-in up tomorrow.... Raising the ransom can take forever!! I'll start now.... might as well get that ball rolling...

Will you be the first name I write down to tell my future child.... This person loved you enough to give you a family?!?

Love, Faith and Joy.... The feelings of the day!!!


  1. You helped start the journey. I'm so glad you are with me <3 You are the best!!!

  2. What child from RR are you adopting? :)

  3. I can't say yet... rules.... I can't wait until I can share a photo!