Thursday, September 22, 2011

A goal or goals for the day

A goal or goals for the day

I made a goal early this morning... a goal to do something different today.

My first goal was to clean my entire house... top to bottom, scrubbing toilets, tubs, sinks, floors, cleaning toys, making beds, vacuuming, doing dishes, doing laundry and everything else in between.

I gave myself 2 days... today and tomorrow.

I was told this is impossible!!


If this is impossible, then my next goal must seem absurd. 

My 2nd goal of the day is to raise $1000.00 for my friend Amanda's adoption.... With the 10 whole followers I have here it does seem absurd. Add to that my 1919 FB friends and friends of these 10 and friends of those 1919.... It starts to seem a little easier doesn't it?!?!

The first goal... I must accomplish on my own.... I am already exhausted, but I have not stopped other than to be a mom.... make breakfast and lunch.... Take my 1st grader to school, take my kindergartener to school, volunteer in my 1st graders classroom, do homework, take my 2 year old potty (10 or more times) and give a little TLC..... 

The reason I made these 2 goals is simple.... To show people that the hands of many can make anything possible while the hands of one the work load seems unbearable. 

Do you wanna know the sad part?!?! I am going to win this little experiment.... my house will be completely clean and I will be miserable about it :( 

You see.... I said that I would personally donate between $50 to $100 dollars if you (MY amazing friends) could raise $1000.00 before I could get my house clean.... With 1919 FB friends do you know how much that is per person?!?! 52 cents... yes folks only 52 measly cents.... You can find that in your purse, couch or car.... I know times are hard for everyone right now....

If you can't donate then please share!!!

I have many entries into her drawing for an IPAD 2....

I will give you one of my entries if you share this on your blog... another if you share it on FB..... another if you donate..... Please help me achieve something that I was told is impossible..... 


Please donate via her orange chip in button on the top right of her blog....

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