Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The "who" behind our adoption

Sorry friends, This does not mean that I can tell you who we are adopting, but we did get a chance to tell some very special ladies who their baby brother was going to be (Well big brother to Alyssa :).

We had held off on telling the girls about our sweet boy. Not because we thought they wouldn't like him or anything like that. We just wanted to be sure that he was really our son..... I know we are not officially committed yet (not by our choice trust us), but we KNOW he is our son.

I took some super awesome videos of the girls reactions, but of course there is a problem and I can't get the disk to finalize :( Figures!!

I hope I can do this story justice.... these girls melted my heart.

We gathered together as a family (a mom, dad and 3 sisters) to have a "talk". We asked the girls if they remembered mommy and daddy talking about adoption.... They did.

We then opened the computer and started playing a video we have of our son...... The girls began asking questions right away.... 
Who is that little boy?
Where is his momma?
Who are all the other kids in the background?
Then they made some statements...
He is so cute.
Look at all his hair.
Plus a few other cute things.

I began by answering their questions.
That's L****.
He is a little boy that lives in an orphanage because he doesn't have a mommy.
I want to be his mommy is that ok?
You mean that is going to be our brother?!?!?

What happened next made this mom want to cry.... My 6 year old Kaitlyn looked at me and said mom, I have about $100.00 in my piggy bank (she has been saving for about a year to go to Disneyland). I will give it all to you so you can go get our brother. Brittany (5) also agreed that she would give "some" of her money to bring her brother home. This is a funny trade because Kaitlyn is normally my "greedy" child and Brittany is my giving one ;)

Then the immediate ran into the toy room and began packing.... They are kids so we know what they found to be the biggest priority.... TOYS!! They found dinosaurs, cars, fake food and anything else they thought L**** would like. 

Alyssa (age 2) ran over to the shoe closet and grabbed her shoes. She handed them to Kevin (dad) and asked him to put them on. We asked WHY? She responded... I go get L****. It was seriously the sweetest thing ever!!! We had to fight to get those shoes off of her. She kept saying "go get brother mommy". I tried to explain that this is a process and it takes time, but with young kids..... they want him home NOW!!!

To be honest, so do I!!

Our sweet boy may live across the ocean, but he is sure at home here in our hearts. The girls have asked about him many times today. They even said they would start asking their friends for money if it would help bring their brother home sooner. I am blessed with the 3 4 sweetest kids EVER!!!!

I cannot wait until I can share my sweet boy with all of you.

In the meantime feel free to pray, share our story or drop a dime in our hat.... Every dime donated is one step closer to our boy.... We need $3,000.00 to commit to him and an agent (all within 2 weeks if things go our way). Basically, we need a miracle, but we know God is never too far away! He lives in all of you!!!

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