About Our Family

We started as this over 10 years ago...... 2 young kids madly in love!
 By a MIRACLE of GOD we became this..... Parent to the 3 most amazing kids in the world!! 
 His Family became this.... Plus our sweet Mikayla just born Oct 2011 
 My family became this... plus.....
We are never all together at the same time because my sister lives so far away.
 Taking a family picture usually goes something like this..... I'm mad.... I wanna lay down..... What is going on with those 2?? Can you guess who is thinking what?? Notice I am the only one cooperating.... It is not easy being mom to 4 including my husband of course 3 kids.
 Dad saying smile and I'll give you candy lol
 A phony attempt and dad is not impressed lol
 Ok fine this is the best it is going to get :)
 Our house is always a little crazy.... sometimes things like this happen.... not sure why... I do feed them real food lol.... She just loves chewing on non food items...
 But we love times like this.....
 And this!!!!
We love our family tons, but someone is missing?? Our sweet boy is waiting for his mom and dad to come and get him.....
This is probably the same quality of life he has.... Let's clear it up a bit and get him home!!!
Life is great with 3 kids, but life is going to be Amazing, Fantastic, Wonderful, Complete...... you get the idea..... with all 4 of my kids under one roof!!!


  1. This is just the cutest blog and your family is just beyond blessed! Love you friend.