Monday, November 14, 2011

Someone is missing :(

See that family on the right?? 5 people right?? Someone is missing!!!!
We are missing our sweet little 4 year old boy (who is wearing size 9-12 months.... Can you imagine?).
He may not be here in person, but we are thinking of him this time of year.... My husband had to go and buy his boy a stocking.... She his Tow-Mater stocking.... Care to help fill it?
I know what our boy wants for Christmas this year.... A family!!!
You can make donations to our chip in on the right hand side of this blog.
 Please also visit my previous post to see how you can buy some Christmas presents and help bring children home where they belong!! Thank You for your support!!


  1. Ack! Another thing I have forgotten that we need to get for the twins...stockings!!! You are obviously one step ahead of me. I just can't really think about Christmas this year without them and we don't know if we will get them before or soon after. Either way, they need a sock! ;-) I hope that everyone fills his stocking and gives him a family, what a true gift for Christmas!

  2. So if your tree has been up for 5 days already, does it come down the day after Christmas?? LOL Love you guys more and more every time we talk!

  3. Thinking of your little guy this season too. :) And I can't wait to see a family picture with everyone.