Tuesday, November 1, 2011

7+ weeks of waiting

Well, There is not much more to share at this time.

I do have a few fundraisers brewing in my brain..... You are officially being warned.... my brain and using it can be a very dangerous combination!!!

We are getting very very close to having $3000.00 for our boy!!

Right now, I am looking for people to "sponsor" Our Family....

$0.50 a day (only $3.50 a week or $15.00 a month)
$1.00 a day (only $7.00 a week or $30.00 a month)
$5.00 a day (only $35.00 a week or $150.00 a month)

You decide the amount!!! Here is what you get..... You will get your name put on a very special keep sake we will be making for our boy (this is something I will post about by the end of this week with any luck).
I will send you updated pictures and info as I receive it.... This will be something only our sponsors will get the benefit of :) Plus I will send out a little thank you gift once your donation has totaled $100.00

Will you be a warrior for our sweet boy?!?

More to come!! Also please pray for that list to come out. Also pray for all the families waiting!!

Please email me or comment below if you would like to be our sponsor!

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