Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ramblings of a mom

My arms, they long to hold you, each and everyday.
I would love to tell you, you're special in each and every way!

I know you are MY son! It was meant to be!
Hang on a little longer son, and you'll have a family.

This Momma's heart is aching, for what you have go through
But then my hearts rejoicing thinking of amazing things you'll do.

This journey is a hard one, not one I'd planned to do.
That all changed in an instant. The instant I found you!

With one glimpse of a photo, my would turned upside down.
Now, I fight to raise the money to travel out of town.

I'll travel a long journey that will lead me straight to you.
You might not know it yet son, but we love you. Yes we do!

Written by Me
Only 7 weeks in and it feels like forever. You are already a part of everything we do.
You are halfway around the world, yet you are here..... Here in our hearts.... FOREVER!!
Some days are harder than others.... The change in season... Approaching the Holidays.... Knowing it may be a whole year before I get to hold you...... Knowing that we might not be able to raise your ransom in time......
It is taking it's toll!!! 

If you are out there reading this.... Please know this is my heart. I am sharing it with you.
Also remember that you can be a part of our boy's miracle!!
Please donate (via the chip in at the top) and share (if you will)
Each dollar is one step closer to him.... OUR SON!!!
Only 22,283 more steps...... impossible right??
Not even close.... TOGETHER WE CAN make a difference!!!
You can buy hair bows here (
100% of all the proceeds go straight to our adoption!
Also see here ( to become our warrior/sponsor!!

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  1. HUGS sweet friend!!! I will fight behind you till the end!!! Scheming up fundraisers over here. Let me know if you need anything! ♥