Saturday, November 26, 2011

Baby Food Jars :)

A baby food jar is not very big right?? 

So it wouldn't take much change to fill it up right?

So, If I asked you to save your change for a few days by putting it into a baby food jar (or something a similar size) Would you??

I am asking.... I am asking you to fill up one.... yep just one baby food jar full of coins and send me a picture. 
Then I am asking if you would donate the contents of the jar to helping us bring our boy home.....

Each day I will post the pictures that come in of full baby food jars or baggies or whatever else people can put the coins into....

If you don't have a baby eating baby food..... chances are you have a friend who does :)

Please help me with this..... My goal..... 1000 baby food jars....
Think we can do it?? I do!!

Please send your pics to


  1. If u cannot afford tonpurchase this child you should not be adopting him. It is awful ;nit to mention tacky) beyond all measure to fob the cost of a kid off on others!!!!

  2. Many people can afford the day to day costs of raising a child. Its the 20+ thousand to adopt that most people cant come up with quickly in the process. Or the sometimes 60k to adopt from some regions of Russia. If you want to be hateful come back to my blog and leave these people alone.

  3. Roxy what you say is like saying people who can't afford to have a baby without using their insurance shouldn't have kids. If People had to pay an OB, hospital bills, ultrasounds etc no one would be able to afford a baby. You can't use insurance to help with adoption, but fundraising is essentially the same idea.

  4. I would be honored and blessed to help you adopt a child. So much like Jesus I can not afford to save myself so he paid the price for me. I would love to help you pay the price to save a child. What a great idea to fill a jar. We are doing our own adoption so I can't do a lot but I can fill a jar!!! I'm so glad you can't afford it or we wouldn't have the chance to be a part of helping you!!!

  5. Roxie, you remember that next time you put something on a credit card or buy a house or a car... or have a baby with insurance funds. Start saving your pennies now for that next big purchase, it'll take you a while. Meanwhile, I don't have any problems donating my "pennies" to help SAVE A CHILD'S LIFE.

  6. Wow! I'm speechless....we've experienced this kind of situation as well but by a person that we know that you would never believe! It is misinformed and extremely sad that there is venom towards those that so desperately want to reach out to children that have no options. I still wonder what folks would want if it was them sitting day after day in an orphanage...what if without a community rally, no individual was able to come and open their family to them??? I've heard the statistic that it would only take one family from each church congregation to end the need for waiting children and orphanages....why can't the church community rally around the one family that is willing and able, in the name of giving a child a family??? I just don't pretend to understand the mindset! We will save some change for you and that is about all we have right now. I truly have no idea how we will be traveling to get our twins in a month......somehow in some way I am fervently praying that it works out and there will be two less orphans that sit and wait.

  7. Tsk Tsk Stripper Troll!!! What type of twisted warped person are you that you would suggest that someone is "purchasing" a child. I don't know what Canadians believe in, but down here in the US, we stopped purchasing and owning people in the mid 1860's.

    Are divorced biological parents who have to pay child support in order to have visitation with their children "renting" their kids? Are people planning to get married "buying" the spouse by paying for the wedding or marriage license? If your brother goes into the hospital and has his appendix out, and you pay the bill because he has no insurance and you can afford to help him out, did you "purchase" him? If a woman goes into the hospital to give birth, and doesn't have insurance, is she "purchasing" her child by paying the bill?

    The only person that would answer yes to any of these questions is a dolt. How dare you fob your own neuroses and warped logic on people actually trying to help others?

    Take a look at the fees associated with international adoption. While domestic adoption from foster care is often very low cost (because the US govt would rather absorb the cost of processing the adoption rather than continue to pay for the child to be housed in expensive foster care or group homes), international adoption has many more fees that must be paid.

    Airfare and the taxes associated with them- anywhere from $2500-$4000 per person per trip, and some places require 3 trips.

  8. Homestudy to insure the suitability of the adoptive home- $1500-$2500 on average. That includes local and stage backgrounds checks (fees involved), child abuse registry checks (fee involved), certification of documentation, hours spent contacting references, interviewing families, travelling to the home, preparing the 10-20 page document, editing and so forth. Just as attorneys charges $125/hr or more due to the extensive level of training and professional licensing required, so do LCSW's.

    Facilitator/Agency fees: $7000-9000 depending on the region and country. Much as you would pay a concierge to arrange travel, interpreting, transportation, housing, and other needs out of the country, a facilitator does the same. They are like a combination tour guide, paperwork preparer, translator, professional contact, and so forth. This fee often includes a donation to the orphanage as well. Translation fees for an interpreter in the US run between $60-110 dollars an hour, depending if it is for legal, medical or general interpreting. Paperwork translation can run equally high. You pay for services, period. I paid someone to edit my term paper in high school- it was a service, and they earned the fee, just like the facilitator/agency does.

    Immigration fees- $720 per child adopted, and $85 per adult adopting

    Other fees include medical visits to make sure the family is healthy, and the costs of notarizing and apostilling forms to satisfy the foreign governments.

    So where exactly is the "purchase" you refer to? We're not paying any required fees to the government that has custody of the child. We're paying fees to governments to process our paperwork- just like anyone does when they want to get a driver's license. We make voluntary donations to the orphanages, to help share goodwill for the children left behind. If we didn't it wouldn't stop us from adopting, but it would be rather rude. It's like a tip you give the babysitter after they've watched the kids. It's just polite.

  9. So, here's the thing, Roxy, you need to open up your eyes. Girl Scouts ring my doorbell every year selling cookies, so they can take that money and go camp. School kids come around every fall selling Christmas wrapping paper and trinkets via mail order, raising money for random school projects. High school football teams and bands have carwashes and donation drives. Firemen stand in the intersections holding out their boots, collecting money for families in crisis. The Marine Corps puts boxes out for Toys for Tots.

    If I donate to those things, am I purchasing a Girl Scout? A Band member? A quarterback? A MARINE?!?!? Better yet, are those people that are fundraising "purchasing" me? The Marine Corps allows other people to fulfill their desire to help needy children by donating to the Toys for Tots drive. Fundraisers for adoption do the same thing- allow people who aren't in a position to adopt to help share in the blessings of helping a child in need have a family, and opportunity.

    I don't know about up there, eh, but down here, in the good ole US of A, we don't purchase people. We pay fees, and show respect for the people who offer services by paying them for those services- translation, coordination of travel, and so forth.

    I get that Canada has that whole socialist healthcare mindset, so maybe you didn't understand the insurance issue about biological childbirth. But maybe the rest of it will make more sense to you.

    How's Ottawa this time of year, Roxy Troll? Chilly, eh?