Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Sneak Peak!

I'm sure many have wondered.... Who is this child they are adopting? Does he exist? Where is his picture? What does he look like? I am going to give you a little sneak peak.....

He is 4 years old.
He owns my heart.
He has brown hair..... it becomes a mini fro when it isn't cut short (Just like my husband's)
He has brown eyes that will draw you in and make you love him.
His smile can light up any room.... It is also very contagious!!
He is a sweet little boy with expressions that let you know how he is feeling..... even without words.
Most importantly he is a Child of God!!
Second to that he is MY son!!

There is your sneak peak..... See what I mean about they eyes.... they speak to you!!
These eyes wanna be home with his family. He has a mom, dad and 3 sisters who are waiting impatiently to bring him home forever. We want him home right now.... He needs us!!
More importantly he needs you!!!
Remember our matching grant?? $5000.00 if we can raise another $5000.00 by the end of the year... Will you please help us?? 
Can't donate?? Please share our blog.... If you can do both, I will give you an extra entry for our giveaway for each time you share our story... just comment below :)

Can't remember what the prizes are?? Let  me remind you...
$10 gets you 1 Chance
$25 gets you 5 Chances
$50 gets you 15 Chances
$100 gets you 50 Chances

An IPad2
 We will be giving out an IPad2 if we reach our goal of $5000.00 otherwise it will be a $100 gift card of your choice for each $1000.00 raised ($1000.00 raised = $100 gift card $2000.00 raise = $200 gift card...) for the winner :)

This very cute plaque. I made this myself :)

Another awesome home decor plaque :)
 A $5 gift certificate to Socks R Fun... Feel free to visit her site and look around Thank You Jennifer for this donation :)
10 different people will win a hair bow of their choice available at
You may also visit there and place an order.... that money will also count toward our $5000.00 goal.
 A cute tutu for your daughter, grand daughter, neighbor or friend :) Just in time for Christmas.

Each Day I will choose 2 people to get a bracelet......

You can also help by buying necklaces from the previous post (hurry they are going fast)!
Or hairbows and tutus here (

Thank You for donating, sharing and praying for our son!!


  1. Torture.... I wanna see this little fella! :) Whoever he is, he is sure to be blessed with one of the best mamas I know. Now, let's raise that money to find out who this little dude is!

  2. LOL Ditto the the first comment! Except I know who he is!! ;) He will indeed have the best mama I know!!!! ♥♥♥

    Cute pic Jaclyn! Doesn't even come close to showing how cute he is though!