Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Lord Provides!!!

WE have been on this road of Adoption Since September 12, 2011.
Just over a month.... Between fundraisers and Donations we have raised $1114.00 with our fundraisers that we have done (THANK YOU to ALL who have helped) and we have received $418.00 in Donations(Thank You to all of the amazing people who have donated)!!! 
Add that together and we have $1532.00.... See that thermometer on the side there??!!?? 
What does it say?
We have saved up almost $1000.00 to bring our boy home..... It was all we could do. We are at that point where we are so close yet so far away....
We have to send a $1305.00 to commit to our boy
$1195.00 for our home study fee
and 39.25 times the 4 adults in our house for a child abuse check since we have lived in another state within the past 5 years..... I want to write out these checks and sent this money soooo badly.
I have never wanted to spent $2657.00 so badly.
Did you see that number?? $2567.00.... We only have $2485.00
Don't get my wrong, I know how blessed we have been to have raised almost $2500.00 in just over a month.
We only need $118.00 to be at our first major goal.... I know $118 doesn't seem like much, but I need help!
We do not have the $118.00 we need!! WE thought we had what we needed until we learned about this additional $157 since we lived out of state over 4.5 years ago....

Can you help us out?? We only need 
12 people to donate $10 each 
6 people to donate $20 each
5 people to donate $25 each
3 people to donate $40 each
or 1 person to donate $118

Will you be a part of our miracle?

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