Monday, October 10, 2011

Last Minute Bake Sale

Well, last week we (my mom, my dad and I) called every place we could think of to see if we could set up a bake sale at their business to raise money for our adoption.
We kept getting the same 2 answers.... no or not without a tax id number for a non profit organization. 
We got a little discouraged, but quickly moved onto our plan B. We didn't really have a plan B so my mom quickly made one. We went and bought about 30 boxes of (movie theater type) candy and some suckers. We decided we would go door to door and sell the candy to raise money for our boy.
We were getting really nervous because we were about $500.00 short from what we had to have right away and about $1000.00 short for what we would need in the first month. We made about $95 selling candy for about 2 hours. I mean after all who could refuse 3 sweet little girls (2,5 and 6) our walking in the rain to raise money for their brother. They have been begging to help bring their brother home.

So, on to today. My mom gets a call back from one of the people we had called the week before.
It was 2:30 p.m. They told us that we could set up a bake sale for today from 4-7 Friday from 4-7 or Saturday from 1-7.
My mom called me to see what I wanted to do.... Being a person that tries not to let and opportunity pass by, we started baking. In just over an hour we baked 9 dozen chocolate chip cookies, 2 dozen no bake cookies, 3 pans of Rice Krispy treats, and about 20 cupcakes.
We got to the pumpkin patch at around 4:30 and stayed until 7 (when they close).
We made about $125.00!!!
I would say that was definitely worth it!!
The good news is that we get to go back on Fri and Sat too!!!!
This is what we came up with in an hour and a half.... I even made the sign after we got there...(I'm sure you can tell that lol)
 Some of our goodies!

 The amazing owner showing the girls her decorations.... actually trying out their talking witch on them.
A lady was standing off in the distance with a microphone hidden in her jacket. 
The girls thought it was super cool!!
 All the girls had to have a turn on the tractor....

 Can you see the change in weather.... about 1.5 hours in it started raining, got really windy and was all gloomy :(  I'm pretty sure I would stand in the rain every day if it means bringing my boy home!
 We still need about $275.00 to commit to our boy and get the home study paid for... Please pray!! 
I wouldn't even mind if you shared or donated hehe!

P.S. The list did NOT come out today (which I am bitter about). They are supposed to have it signed by tomorrow, but they may not make it public until Friday :(
Please pray it will come out tomorrow and that my boy's "special need" will be on there!


  1. very cute pictures!! please let me know! thinking about you!

  2. Wow! You're amazing! Praying for you!

  3. Keep trucking along!! I will be praying that your son makes the list!!

  4. Ditto what Lisa said!! You ARE AMAZING!!! ♥