Saturday, October 8, 2011

Anxious and Waiting

Monday is the BIG day.... The day we find out if we can officially commit to our son or if we have to fly blind and wait an entire year to try to bring him home.....

Both ways will be hard, but option A would make this mom's heart much more at ease..... 

We do have one major problem with option A.... Money... It is not a problem that cannot be overcame, but it is one that I am attempting to handle with prayer.

Could you imagine? Being told that your son is available and not being able to afford to rescue him?
For me it would be like going to the hospital and having a baby. Then being told that you cannot take your baby home or even see them until you can raise enough money.

The first $3,000.00 is our biggest hurdle... We have tons of fundraisers, boutiques, yard sales, and other events lined up to make the rest of the money.... We need the help NOW!!!

I stole this idea from a friend and pray it works....

We have less than 48 hours.... Can you imagine?? I may be able to share his sweet face with you very soon!!!

P.S. If we raise $500.00 I will give you all a sneak peek... A picture of his perfectly beautiful eyes.... 
Please share even if you cannot donate... There are 20 people here if each shares with 20 more we will be soooo close. 

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