Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another busy day

So here I sit at nearly 1 am after only 3-4 hours of sleep last night...
Wanna guess what I am doing?? Completing my homestudy paperwork!!
I know 1 a.m. might not be the ideal time to be filling out life altering paperwork, but this is the only time there is enough peace and quiet to do so... too funny I typed that and my 2 year old is now crying...

Ok, I am back did you miss me? ;)

Let me just give you a quick run down on my week this week.
Sunday: 3 hours of church with 3 kids.... enough said :)
Monday: School, babysitting, school again, volunteer in my kindergartener's classroom with my 2 year old in tow, last minute bake sale (you can read about it on my previous post), home at 7:40p.m. dinner and bed for kids..... I was up until almost 2 a.m.
Tuesday: School, babysitting, school again, volunteer again (yes I am insane and volunteer every single day in one of my 2 kids' classrooms), trip to the pharmacy and 3 different banks (to gather all of our money to commit), make 50+ hair bows, bake zuchini bread for the bake sale, finish labeling all of my bows, tutus and headbands for the boutique tomorrow, fill out massive amounts of paperwork
Wednesday: School, babysitting, school, volunteer, drive 1.5 hours to set up my booth, home, dinner, bed (praying to have to run to the bank, post office etc to mail our paperwork out)
Thursday, School, babysitting, school. volunteer, bake, drive to boutique to check on things, home dinner, more baking
Friday: School, babysitting, school, volunteer, drive 1.5 hours to work my shift at the boutique, drive back to the bake sale to help clean up (my parents, friends and family will be manning it so I can be at the boutique.... yes I know how blessed I am) home to bake more for Saturday's bale sale
Saturday: Bake sale, leave after 2 hours to drive to boutique for tear down, back to bake sale to clean up... home and hopefully some sleep.... oh ya and we have a primary program on Sunday so we will have a practice some time in the morning before the bake sale :)

Did I mention that I have 3 amazingly active little girls to chase around, clean up after and love during all of this??
So, I am tired and exhausted, but I will tell you that my boy is worth every second of this work!!
I can't wait to show you who he is!!!

This is a picture of the booth my husband and I put together for the boutique...
My mom and dad have helped make almost all the tutus and have cut several hundred pieces of ribbon for hairbows. I am so blessed to have amazing people that will stay up until all hours of the night working to bring our boy home!!!
On a side note we still need a few hundred dollars to commit to our boy, so please share and/ or donate :)
A BIG THANK YOU to all of those who have donated, shared and prayed.
We truly do appreciate it!!!

Visit my other blog... to get a closer look at the hair bows and tutus we make..... There is a chip in there where you can pay for your order... I would love to make a custom tutu or hair bow for you!

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  1. Tonight you better get some sleep!! ♥ You gotta be healthy when he comes home! ;)

    I know there isn't much I can do from here, but please let me know if there is anything I can do!! How wide do you need your ribbon and how long?? I'd be happy to cut and send some to you! :)