Thursday, October 13, 2011

Angels in disguise

As you all know we have 2 more bake sales this weekend as well as a craft show/ boutique (check out the boutique booth and items ....
Anyways... I am not on this journey alone... There are Angels walking this path with me!
These are angels in disguise as ordinary people, but let me assure you that they are Angels...
They are my angels and they are my son's angels!
Angel #1 This is Poppy.... My dad. He has been mixing, baking, doing dishes, babysitting, and everything else he can think of to help us get ready for our bake sale!
See that sparking sink? How many sinks look like that after 10 solid hours of baking?
Thanks Dad!
 I think he has washed those about 20 times today, and somehow he is still smiling!
 This is Grandma! She is the mastermind behind it all!
I like to take credit, but she is the one who got us lined up with this pumpkin patch/ hay ride to do a bake sale... Every Monday, Friday and Saturday in October.... Amazing right?!?
She has been making, baking, wrapping, doing dishes, babysitting and everything else imaginable to help make these bake sales a success!
Thank You Mom!
(She was mad I was taking her picture while she was dirty LOL)
 This is her avoiding looking at me
This Angel and I met in person for the first time today. We met through the wonderful world of blogs and internet friendships. She had offered to help with a bake sale as soon as she heard we would be raising money to bring our boy home.... With zero hesitation and only a few days notice, she pulled through for us in a major way!! With the help of her mother (because she has a super busy schedule) She packaged up the cutest little goody bags for us to sale. She made peanut butter bars, white chocolate dipped ginger snaps, and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.... Can you believe it?!?! All of this effort for someone she has never met!!
Did I mention she has 4 young children? Definitely an angel in my book... Her name will definitely be in my boy's story of how he made it home.... Here she is holding a couple of her goody bags... Isn't she gorgeous?

 These are just a few of the people who have made a huge difference in our lives and in our journey!!
I would also like to thank some other (you know who you are), but I will wait for a future blog.

Some (yes just some) of our mini loaves of banana bread.
 Zucchini bread
 rice krispy treats (we made 5 pans)
 Chocolate chip cookies (about 12 dozen)
 Oatmeal cookies (about 9 dozen) and no bake cookies (about 2 dozen)
 Cupcakes (about 5.5 dozen)
 This is just one of the huge boxes of goodies Tracie made for us!
 This is the other box!
 Aren't these too cute and they look yummy too!
On a side note.... If I ever see plastic wrap again it will be too soon!!! I think we spent about 2 hours wrapping all of the goodies!

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  1. I love it! I wish I could make it to the bake sale! That all looks yummy! Good luck!