Tuesday, December 13, 2011

She may be 2, but she is right!

I was a little shocked at what my 2 year old daughter said to me today.
She is 2, but some times the thinks she says make this mommy think!!
We had just finished prayers and we were giving hugs and kisses goodnight 
when she turned me into a pile of mush!
 You see, I was wearing the shirt we had designed to bring our son home. She looked down at my shirt then back up at me. She slowly ran her finger along the line of heart leading from the U.S. to Ukraine.
What she asked next..... caused me to cry!!
She asked me (pointing to the hearts) "Are these for brother?" 
Me: Yes.
Her: Which one can I be?
It may seem simple to you, but for this mom aching to get over to Ukraine to meet her son, it hit home!!!
I am not doing this alone!!!!
YOU all are those hearts!!! Each one belongs to you!!!!
Will you be my heart?!?
There are 23 hearts on this shirt...... Our short term goal is to make at LEAST $1000.00 (so we can get at least part of the match grant....) With 23 people that is $30 each....
For each of these 23 people, I will send you a shirt or necklace (your choice) and 2 bracelets and 2 hair bows!!
Great deal right?!?!
Wanna see more of these smiles??

So, here is the break down.... click the chip in on the right hand side of this blog. Donate $30, and I will send you 5 things!!! This over is only good for the first 23 people so act fast.... I will be adding the names of those 23 as they donate :)

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