Saturday, December 10, 2011

January, February and March 2011

I will be doing a recap of our year over the next 4 weeks.... I am putting it on here instead of my family blog because it is too hard to keep up with 2 blogs. I think I will start only using this blog for everything :)

This year started out a little rough. We had to move unexpectedly after my mom got hurt and was wheelchair bound. Since she lived with me, we were all uprooted. We finished moving into our house on New Years Day.... This was her bedroom before me moved.... My living room. This makes me sad to see how miserable she was.

Of course with moving, the kids had to start new schools :( Kaitlyn did NOT like it.
After a few weeks she came home and said "Mom, Am I not smart enough for you?" Me: Why?
Kait: Because you put me back in preschool.
After waiting a month we decided to talk to the principal to see if they had an advanced placement program. He said and I quote "Kindergarten is more of a social experience. Not an academic one."
I was a touch distraught.
Brittany cried for weeks because she missed her preschool teacher and her best friend (I am happy to say that we are still in touch with her best friend :)

This was her last day at her other preschool....She is in the black dress.... Her best friend is in red next to her.
Kaitlyn got jazz tickets to see a Jazz game because she was on the junior Jazz team. Her and Daddy had lots of fun!
 I think she liked it!
Of course we had to buy Britt some tickets too because every little girl deserves a daddy daughter date

The girls started Gymnastics

Kaitlyn had her birthday party..... It was a HUGE success!!!! I have never seen so many kids in such a small place before!

 And lots of adults too!!!!

Kaitlyn rode a bus for the first time on her way to her first field trip. They went to a museum and celebrated Dr. Suess' birthday :)

 We bought 4 hampsters for the kids! They love them.... me not so much!
My sister finally made it down for her visit in March.
Her kids finally got their Christmas from Grandma and Poppy.
And my kids got their presents from them :)
 My sister.
 My brother.

 Hey look I can just bite these things open.
 Or use this hatchet..... We laughed soooo hard at this one!!!
 Grandma enjoying her youngest grandson and granddaughter.
 Yay some of our favorite people came to visit.
 Best Friends!!!
 We bought a new van..... much needed since our other one was costing like $500 a month in repairs :(
Great Grandma with 6 of her youngest great grandkids..... We did not know at the time that this would be the last time my sister and her kids would see her alive :(

 A quick trip to Vegas.... for some reason this pic with Maamo is one of the only ones I took
 Kaitlyn was queen for a week!
 More fun time with cousins!
 A trip to the Air Force Museum.
 Our family :)
We had a pretty good start to this year!!
I can't wait until this family photo has our son in it :)


  1. I like that you're consolidating. And I loved seeing all your pictures! Your poor mom. I'm glad she's doing better now.

    I miss your kids! The photo where Brittany and Everette both have about the same expression made me laugh. :)

    I'm glad you linked up! You've had so many changes this year!

  2. Your girls are so cute...and goodness, how frustrated you must've been by that response from the Kinder principal!