Monday, May 30, 2011

Accepting any child... the views of our children.

Although our children are young, we have made the decision to adopt as a family. Our kids have been involved in every step of the process. The same was they were involved in helping to decide the name of our youngest biological child. We believe they will be more accepting of their new siblings if we allow their voices to be heard throughout the process. 

We like to look at the waiting children in our surrounding states, and today we discovered a sibling group that appears perfect for our family (as far as age is concerned). We have already discussed that we are open to adopt children of any race. We feel if they are meant to be a part of our family, their nationality will not be a deterrent. Kaitlyn was sitting next to me as I was looking at the kids (who were  African American), and she said mom, I would love to adopt them. They are so cute! We asked her if she would be happy of they were a part of our family, and she said "yes. We can have people of every color skin as part of our family. Dad has red skin, and the rest of us are white." I thought to myself that I am lucky to have such an amazing child. I couldn't help the smile that spread across my face. I have succeeded in teaching at least this one lesson. It does not matter what a person looks like on the outside... We will treat everyone the same. I am so happy that my kids are so accepting, and I cannot wait to see where this journey will lead us :)

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  1. Hi sweet friend, so wonderful that you and your family are so excited about adoption... I can't wait to see what God has in store for your family! I read your question on my blog about where to direct people who would like to donate to your adoption... We found Paisley through Reece's Rainbow and most of our donations go thru there since they are a non profit organization and the donations are tax deductible. For some of my give aways I have used chip ins ( and the money goes directly to your paypal account then you transfer it to your bank acccount (not tax deductible)...Hope this information helps..looking forward to watching your story unfold.... Many blessings and much love, Renee Tam